Titanium bike. Custom made.

If you're on a quest for the ultimate bike then allow me to introduce Speed Metal: a one-off custom crafted titanium frame made millimetre perfect for you. Uniquely engineered to match your size, weight and ride requirements it delivers the perfect ride that no pre-made, stock sized bike can ever come even close to matching. Supreme stiffness is built right in, wherever precision handling & performance dictates - whilst all-day, epic ride comfort is the priority everywhere else. Speed Metal can transform your ride - quite possibly your life. Get in touch for a free consultation. You're as little as 8 weeks away from riding your ultimate N+1.

...most focused titanium frame we've ever seen
Most Wanted On Test ...and easily the stiffest Ti bike we've ridden

Nice bike Mister!

Procycling Magazine
...it will have to impress me on merit, up against the best carbon fibre bikes ...

Epic combination!

Dani Christmas. Speed Metal Custom. Gent Wevelgem 2015.

Blood, sweat & gears

Tough girl Dani Christmas in action during the most epic, wet, wild and windy bike race I've ever witnessed - the 2015 edition of Gent Wevelgem.

You'll find Dani pounding her way over berg and cobblestone alike throughout the 2017 Spring Classics season aboard her trusty Speed Metal Custom race bike - now well into its fourth season of hell on the road.

You know, the sort of punishment that destroys even the most expensive carbon road bikes in a season. Or less...

Speed Metal!

Fast cars. Fast bikes.

Hell yeah! We love ‘em all … #precision #engineered #speed