Speed Metal Custom Spitfire

Cycling Plus Magazine

Metal Masterpiece

Cycling Plus Magazine’s Warren Rossitter stopped by my stand at the annual UK Cycle Show one year and this bike caught his eye. I built it up to use in a Guess The Weight competition to highlight most rider’s mistaken belief that in order to be light, a bike frame must be made of carbon fibre these days.

So, naturally, most of the riders who entered the draw thought: hey look, a bike still made out of metal! It must weigh a ton!

So they mostly got it wrong. Very, very wrong. I think the winner in the wrong contest was out by 30kg or so! The average guess was probably somewhere in the 10-12 kg bracket. The bike attracted a lot of guesses - I think we had more than 4000 entries by the end of the show.

It actually weighed in around 6.2kg if I remember correctly. But it was some time ago, so it may have been even lighter. It might even say so in the spread above if you look carefully. Ah yeah, it does: