You are not an off-the-shelf human!

So why are you still riding an off-the-shelf bike? You know, one that was designed and sized for Mr / Ms Average? I’ve been around a while now, and I’ve learnt that life’s too short to ride rubbish bikes. Especially when you could be heading out for a spin on nothing less than bespoke, made just-for-you and no-one else, full custom.

I’m not talking bike shop “custom”. That’s usually: take a stock frame / bike out of the warehouse and let you choose the brake calipers and gears, maybe the stem and bar width kind of custom. Trying - almost always in vain - to fit you to a bike made for nobody in particular.

No, I’m talking nothing less than a frame with every tube length precision cut and mitred to the millimetre to fit you perfectly. With every angle, every tube diameter and shape carefully considered and chosen to optimise the ride for you - and the way you ride.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite of bike shop custom. We make the bike fit you instead of forcing you to fit the bike. The result is no more compromise & endless tweaking your bar height, hood tilt, saddle this way and that. Just perfect fit.

Oh, and one more thing: effortless, confident, precise handling. No more speed wobble, or guessing how much grip you’ll have in that next corner. Why is that?

Because with a frame engineered for you, your centre of gravity now resides as close to the perfect place as possible: low down and deep within the wheelbase, with enough of your weight pressing down both front and rear wheels for neutral, telepathic handling. All you need to steer that bike is think and your bike takes you there.

That’s what good frame design is all about - by matching lengths, tubes and geometry to you, it’s possible to optimise and influence the dynamics of your ride. Your bike becomes the perfect connection between you and the road, the trail, or the boards. And that’s its entire purpose.

All of this sounds expensive. And I won’t claim this will be the cheapest bike you can acquire. Only the best.

In fact, with my custom titanium frames starting at £1995, you could go out and spend far more on a famous brand off-the-shelf bike. A bike that will be out of date in this next 6 - 9 months, just as soon as the replacement model is unveiled, as is the way.

But a custom Speed Metal bike will not only fit you perfectly and make every ride more fun, more dynamic, more thrilling and more comfortable. It will also last - and won’t be outdated by next year’s model. Why not? Because the bike that fits its rider perfectly and doesn’t wear out, lose any of its performance, stiffness or comfort as it ages, and never corrodes, nor has its fragile paint scheme chipped & scratched - well, such a bike simply never goes out of date.

If you decide to buy yet another latest greatest but still most definitely off-the-shelf bike, you’ll still most likely have to wait quite some time to get your first ride on, depending on when “your size” comes back into stock.

By contrast, Speed Metal Custom frames go from drawing board to your first ride in 6-8 weeks.

Give me a call or send me an email today and we’ll get your best bike ever out of your head and onto my drawing board.